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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Accelerating environmental flow implementation to bend the curve of global freshwater biodiversity loss.Arthington, Angela H.; Tickner, David.; McClain, Michael E.; Acreman, Mike C.; Anderson, Elizabeth P.; Babu,Suresh.; Dickens, Chris W.S.; Horne, Avril C.; Kaushal, Nitin; Monk, Wendy A.; O’Brien, Gordon C.; Olden, Julian D.; Opperman, Jeffrey J.; Owusu, Afua G.; LeRoy Poff, N.; Richter, Brian D.; Salinas-Rodríguez, Sergio A.; Mbales,Beauty Shamboko.; Tharme, Rebecca E.; Yarnell, Sarah M.
2023Agroecological techniques: adoption of safe and sustainable agricultural practices among the smallholder farmers in AfricaAkanmu, Akinlolu Olalekan.  ; Akol, Anne Margaret.  ; Ndolo, Dennis Obonyo.  ; Kutu, Funso Raphael.  ; Babalola, Olubukola Oluranti. 
2023The application of multi-elemental fingerprints and chemometrics for discriminating between cage and free-range table eggs based on atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) and colorimetry.Dibakoane, Siphosethu Richard.; Meiring, Belinda.; Dube, Buhlebenkosi Amanda.; Wokadala, Obiro Cuthbert.; Mlambo, Victor.
2023An appraisal on the ethnobotany and antimicrobial activity of botanicals used for managing plant diseases in South Africa.Mwinga, James Lwambi.; Otang-Mbeng, Wilfred.; Kubheka, Bongani Petros.; Aremu, Adeyemi Oladapo.
2023Aquatic Macrophytes Metal and Nutrient Concentration Variations, with Implication for Phytoremediation Potential in a Subtropical River System.Munyai, Linton F.; Dalu, Tatenda.
2023Assessing awareness and perceptions towards the existence of indigenous foods in Port St Johns of the Eastern Cape South Africa.Ntlanga, S.S.; Jiba, P.; Christian, M.; Mdoda, L.
2023Assessing chlorophyll–a and water quality dynamics in arid–zone temporary pan systems along a disturbance gradient.Mungenge, Chipo P.; Wassermana, Ryan John.; Dondofema, Farai.; Keates, Chad.; Masina, Fannie Mfaniseni.; Dalu, Tatenda.
2023Assessing Pro-Environmental Behaviour towards Plastics among Staff and Students at a South African University.Dalu, Mwazvita T. B.  ; Ngobeni, Bonginkosi S.  ; Dalu, Tatenda. 
2023Bat functional diversity along the Chobe River floodplain, Botswana.Parker, Daniel Matthew.; Bernard, Ric T.F.
2023Big data analytics artefact for outcome-based funding prediction in South African Public Universities.Segooa, Anna M.; Kalema, Billy M.
2023The catalytic role of mobile banking to improve financial Inclusion in developing countries.Muchandigona, Ana Kundai.; Kalema, Billy Mathias.
2023Comparative genomics and proteomics analysis of phages infecting multi‑drug resistant Escherichia coli O177 isolated from cattle faeces.Montso, Peter Kotsoana.; Kropinski, Andrew M.; Mokoena, Fortunate.; Pierneef, Rian Ewald.; Mlambo, Victor.; Ateba, Collins Njie.
2023Comparative insights into the microbial diversity and community structure of striga hermonthica-infested maize rhizosphere.Olowe, Olumayowa Mary.; Ayangbenro, Ayansina Segun.; Akanmu, Akinlolu Olalekan.; Kutu, Funso Raphael.; Odhiambo, Jude Julius Owuor.; Babalola, Olubukola Oluranti.
2023Conceptualizing a model for cloud-based hospital management systems for the South African public health sector.Magudulela T. S.; Kalema, Billy Mathias.; Segooa M. A.
2023Correlates of smallholder poultry farmers extension and marketing information needs: evidence from north-eastern South Africa.Masephula, Lungile.; Olorunfemi, Oluwasogo David.
2022Count me in: leopard population density in an area of mixed land-use, Eastern Cape, South Africa.Bouderka, Safia.; Perry, Travis W.; Parker, Daniel Matthew.; Beukes, Maya.; Mgqatsa, Nokubonga.
2023Cyanotoxins in groundwater; occurrence, potential sources, health impacts and knowledge gap for public health.Mutoti, Mulalo I.; Edokpayi. Joshua N.; Mutileni, Ntwanano.; Durowoju, Olatunde S.; Munyai, Fhatuwani L.
2023Data on climate change effect and use of adaptation strategies among smallholder maize farmers: evidence from a microlevel survey in Ehlanzeni District, South Africa.Nkosi, Chrescewell Sanele.; Olorunfemi, Oluwasogo David.; Khwidzhili, Humphrey.
2023Decision support tools for invasive alien species management should better consider principles of robust decision making.Masunungure, Current.; Manyani, Amanda.; Dalu, Mwazvita T. B.; Ngorima, Agripa.; Dalu, Tatenda.
2023Detecting changes in fish behaviour in real time to alert managers to thresholds of potential concern.Burnett, Matthew J.; Süßle,Vanessa .; Saayman, Terence .; Jewitt, Graham.; O'Brien, Gordon C.; Downs, Colleen T.