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2020African traditional medicine and healing in South Africa: challenges and prospects before and during covid 19.Bhuda, Thulisile Monicca. 
2022Behavioral analysis of the impact of African traditional approaches on curing and restoring of health during Covid-19.Bhuda, Thulisile Monicca.  ; Marumo, Phemelo.; Motswaledi, Thabang.
2022The Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges encountered by the Southern Ndebele crafts entrepreneurs due to closure of the tourism sector.Bhuda, Thulisile Monicca.  ; Koitsiwe, Motheo. 
2021The involvement/non-involvement of traditional leadership in Covid-19 South Africa.Bhuda, Thulisile Monicca. 
2021Making a case for indigenous education systems in South Africa.Bhuda, Thulisile Monicca. 
2022Mechanisms of ethnomathematical knowledge transmission amongst AmaNdebele women: ways of transmitting indigenous knowledge.Bhuda, Thulisile Monicca.  ; Saurombe, Talkmore.
2021Practicing rites of passage by Southern Ndzundza Ndebele during Covid-19: is it safe for male initiation schools to operate during Covid-19?Bhuda, Thulisile Monicca. 
2021A response to Covid-19: perspectives from African indigenous knowledge systems.Bhuda, Thulisile Monicca. 
2022Towards finding a cure for COVID-19: the role of African traditional medicine as an indicator of development.Bhuda, Thulisile Monicca.  ; Khazamula, Ennocent.
2022Ubuntu philosophy and African indigenous knowledge systems: insights from decolonization and indigenization of research.Bhuda, Thulisile Monicca.  ; Marumo, Phemelo.