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2023The application of multi-elemental fingerprints and chemometrics for discriminating between cage and free-range table eggs based on atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) and colorimetry.Dibakoane, Siphosethu Richard.; Meiring, Belinda.; Dube, Buhlebenkosi Amanda.; Wokadala, Obiro Cuthbert.; Mlambo, Victor.
2023Big data analytics artefact for outcome-based funding prediction in South African Public Universities.Segooa, Anna M.; Kalema, Billy M.
2023The catalytic role of mobile banking to improve financial Inclusion in developing countries.Muchandigona, Ana Kundai.; Kalema, Billy Mathias.
2023Challenges and opportunities brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic in rural-based institutions of higher education in South Africa.Yende, Sakhiseni Joseph.; Yende, Nsizwazonke Ephraim.; Pashkevitch, Rostislava.
2023Conceptualizing a model for cloud-based hospital management systems for the South African public health sector.Magudulela T. S.; Kalema, Billy Mathias.; Segooa M. A.
2023Exploring the barriers to the adoption of climate-smart irrigation technologies for sustainable crop productivity by smallholder farmers: evidence from South Africa.Serote, Batizi.; Mokgehle, Salmina.; Senyolo, Grany .; du Plooy, Christian.; Hlophe-Ginindza, Samkelisiwe.; Mpandeli, Sylvester.; Nhamo, Luxon.; Araya, Hintsa.
2023Influence of amino acid profile and secondary structure on nutritional and functional properties of trichilia emetica and trichilia dregeana protein concentrates.Tsomele, Gugu Felicity .; Meiring, Belinda.; Anyasi,Tonna Ashim.; Mlambo, Victor.; Amonsou, Eric.; Lepule, Sello Presley.; Siwela, Muthulisi.; Wokadala, Obiro Cuthbert.
2023Nutraceutical Properties of Unripe Banana Flour Resistant Starch: A Review.Dibakoane, Siphosethu Richard.; Du Plessis, Belinda.; Da Silva, Laura Suzanne.; Anyas, Tonna Ashim.; Emmambux, Mohammad Naushad.; Mlambo, Victor.  ; Wokadala, Obiro Cuthbert.
2022The role of district municipalities in service provision in South Africa: dissecting challenges faced by Ehlanzeni District Municipality.Magagula, Douglas N.  ; Manyaka, Rasodi Khutšo.; Mukonza, Ricky M.; Moeti, Kabelo.
2023Service delivery impasses in the midst of the Covid-19 national lockdown in South African informal settlements.Yende, Nsizwazonke Ephraim.; Mkhwanazi, Andiswa.
2023Spatial patterns of large African cats: a large-scale study on density, home range size, and home range overlap of lions Panthera leo and leopards Panthera pardus.Nams, Vilis O.; Parker, Daniel M.; Weise, Florian J.; Patterson, Bruce D.; Radloff, Frans G. T.; Vanak, Abi Tamim .; Tumenta, Pricelia N.; Hayward, Matt W.; Swanepoel, Lourens H.; Funston, Paul J.; Bauer, Hans.; Power, R. John.; O’Brien, John.
2023Water and sediment chemistry as drivers of macroinvertebrates and fish assemblages in littoral zones of subtropical reservoirs.Munyai, Linton F.  ; Liphadzi, Thendo.  ; Mutshekwa, Thendo.  ; Mutoti, Mulalo I.  ; Mofu, Lubabalo.  ; Murungweni, Florence M. 
2023Why humans kill animals and why we cannot avoid it.Allen, Benjamin L.; Bobier, Christopher.; Dawson, Stuart.; Fleming, Peter J.S.; Hampton, Jordan.; Jachowski, David.; Kerley, Graham I.H.; Linnell, John D.C.; Marnewick, Kelly.; Minnie, Liaan.; Muthersbaugh, Mike.; O'Riain, M. Justin.; Parker, Daniel Matthew.; Proulx, Gilbert.; Somers, Michael J.; Titus, Keifer.