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2021An assessment of the viability of lytic phages and their potency against multidrug resistant Escherichia coli O177 strains under simulated rumen fermentation conditions.Mlambo, Victor.
2021Complete replacement of maize grain with sorghum and pearl millet grains in Jumbo quail diets: feed intake, physiological parameters, and meat quality traits.Mlambo, Victor.
2021Effect of graded levels of red grape pomace (Vitis vinifera L.) powder on physiological and meat quality responses of Japanese quail.Mlambo, Victor.
2021Effect of pre-treating dietary green seaweed with fibrolytic enzymes on growth performance, blood indices, and meat quality parameters of Cobb 500 broiler chickens.Mlambo, Victor.
2021Effect of pre-treating dietary green seaweed with proteolytic and fibrolytic enzymes on physiological and meat quality parameters of broiler chickens.Mlambo, Victor.
2020Effects of soil type on density of trees and nutritive value of tree leaves in selected communal areas of South Africa.Mlambo, Victor.
2021Interactive effects of growth stage and nitrogen fertilization on herbage characteristics and nutritive value of Paspalum atratum.Mlambo, Victor.
2021Low nitrogen fertiliser rates and stage of maturity influence nitrogen fractionation and in vitro ruminal nitrogen degradability in tropical grasses.Mlambo, Victor.
2020Nutrient digestibility, growth performance, and blood indices of Boschveld chickens fed seaweed-containing diets.Mlambo, Victor.
2020Partial replacement of soybean products with canola meal in indigenous chicken diets : size of internal organs, carcass characteristics and breast meat quality.Mlambo, Victor.
2020Replacement of soybean meal with heat-treated canola meal in finishing diets of meatmaster lambs : physiological and meat quality responses.Mlambo, Victor.
2020Short-term grazing exclusion impacts using brush packs on soil and grass layers in degraded communal rangelands of semi-arid South Africa and implications for restoration and pasture utilization.Mlambo, Victor.