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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Note on the small mammals of small, isolated forest patches in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.Parker, Daniel Matthew.; Junkuhn, Kyle.; Barker, Nigel P.
2019A novel technique for artificial pack formation in African wild dogs using odour familiarity.Marneweck, Courtney.  ; Parker, Daniel M. 
2021Optimising the cost of roadkill surveys based on an analysis of carcass persistence.Parker, Daniel M.
2022Passive co-treatment of phosphorus-depleted municipal wastewater with acid mine drainage: towards sustainable wastewater management systems.Masindi, Vhahangwele.  ; Shabalala, Ayanda N.; Foteinis, S.
2020Pebble morphometric analysis as signatures of the fluvial depositional environment of the Katberg Formation near Kwerela River around East London, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.Madi, Kakaba.
2022Pesticides drive differential leaf litter decomposition and mosquito colonisation dynamics in lentic conditions.Mutshekwa, Thendo.; Mugwedi, Lutendo.; Wasserman, Ryan John.; Cuthbert, Ross N.; Dondofema, Farai.; Dalu,Tatenda.
2022Phylogenetic placement of the enigmatic floodplain water snake, Lycodonomorphus obscuriventris FitzSimons, 1964.Keates, Chad.; Conradie, Werner.; Dalu, Tatenda.; Dondofema, Farai.; Riddel, Eddie S.; Wasserman, Ryan John.
2020Phytochemical screening and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis of ethanol extract of Scambiosa columbabria L.Sagbo, Idowu Jonas.  ; Kola, Elizabeth.  ; Otang-Mbeng, Wilfred. 
2022Phytoplankton dynamics.Dalu, Tatenda.; Mwedzi, Tongayi.; Wasserman, Ryan John.
2021Plant shade enhances thermoregulation of internal environments in Trinervitermes trinervoides mounds.Ndlovu, Mduduzi. 
2019Plant species used for cosmetic and cosmeceutical purposes by the Vhavenda women in Vhembe District municipality, Limpopo, South Africa.Otang-Mbeng, Wilfred. 
2021Plants used for the traditional management of cancer in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa: a review of ethnobotanical surveys, ethnopharmacological studies and active phytochemicals.Jonas Sagbo, Idowu.; Otang-Mbeng, Wilfred.
2021The potential of Strychnos spp L. utilization in food insecurity alleviation: a review.Wokadala, Obiro Cuthbert. 
2019Pre-release evaluation of absolute spillover impact risk of Physonota maculiventris (Chrysomelidae: Cassidinae) on non-target plant species Helianthus annuus (Asteraceae) and Zea mays (Poaceae) in South Africa.Mukwevho, Ludzula. 
2021Preliminary diet record of hinge-back tortoise Kinixys zombensis: a potential seed disperser?Parker, Daniel M.
2019Preliminary geomorphosites assessment along the Panorama route of Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.Chingombe, Wisemen. 
2021Prey and predator density-dependent interactions under different water volumes.Dalu, Tatenda.
2019Protected areas, community costs and benefits : a comparative study of selected conservation case studies from Northern Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.Nsukwini, Sakhile. 
2019Quality of water recovered by treating acid mine drainage using pervious concrete adsorbent.Shabalala, Ayanda N. 
2023Real-time automated species level detection of trade document systems to reduce illegal wildlife trade and improve data quality.Tlusty, Michael F.; Cawthorn, Donna- Maree; Goodman, Orion L. B.; Rhyne, Andrew L.; Roberts, David L.