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2016The aviation industry in South Africa: a historical overview.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2018Customer experiences and return patronage in restaurants at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2018Drivers of efficiency in hotels in South Africa.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2018Electronic hotel customer satisfaction : e-WOM comments of hotels in Pilgrims Rest, Mpumalanga.Mhlanga, Oswald.  ; Siyongwana, Pakama Q.
2017Enhancing hospitality students learning outcomes in universities: from an instructional to a learning paradigm.Machingambi, Severino.; Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2018Factors influencing employee motivation in hotels.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2018Factors influencing hotel experiences for millennial tourists: a South African study.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2018The fast food industry in South Africa: the micro-environment and its influence.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2017Good bye Air Zimbabwe….Hello Zimbabwe Airways : will re-branding solve Air Zimbabwe’s financial woes?Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2019Identification of personality traits affecting entrepreneurial performance in the hospitality subsector: a five-factor personality model.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2017The impact of Information communication technologies (ICTs) on tourism businesses in East London, South Africa.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2017Impacts of deregulation on the airline industry in South Africa : a review of the literature.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2017Impacts of the macro environment on airline operations in southern Africa.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2018Impacts of the micro environment on airline performances in Southern Africa: management perspectives.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2017Influence of social media on customer experiences in restaurants: a South African study.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2018Liberalisation initiatives of the airline industry in southern Africa: progress achieved and hindrances to implementation.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2018Measuring restaurant service quality in East London, South Africa : a comparison of restaurant customer expectations and perceptions.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2016What are the current factors affecting consumer selection criteria in formal full service restaurants in Port Elizabeth, South Africa?Mhlanga, Oswald.