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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Electronic hotel customer satisfaction : e-WOM comments of hotels in Pilgrims Rest, Mpumalanga.Mhlanga, Oswald.  ; Siyongwana, Pakama Q.
2017Enhancing hospitality students learning outcomes in universities: from an instructional to a learning paradigm.Machingambi, Severino.; Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2018Factors influencing employee motivation in hotels.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2018Factors influencing hotel experiences for millennial tourists: a South African study.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2018The fast food industry in South Africa: the micro-environment and its influence.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2017Good bye Air Zimbabwe….Hello Zimbabwe Airways : will re-branding solve Air Zimbabwe’s financial woes?Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2019Identification of personality traits affecting entrepreneurial performance in the hospitality subsector: a five-factor personality model.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2017The impact of Information communication technologies (ICTs) on tourism businesses in East London, South Africa.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2017Impacts of deregulation on the airline industry in South Africa : a review of the literature.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2017Impacts of the macro environment on airline operations in southern Africa.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2018Impacts of the micro environment on airline performances in Southern Africa: management perspectives.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2017Influence of social media on customer experiences in restaurants: a South African study.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2018Liberalisation initiatives of the airline industry in southern Africa: progress achieved and hindrances to implementation.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2018Measuring restaurant service quality in East London, South Africa : a comparison of restaurant customer expectations and perceptions.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2016What are the current factors affecting consumer selection criteria in formal full service restaurants in Port Elizabeth, South Africa?Mhlanga, Oswald.