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Title: An analysis of implicit and explicit imagery in selected Swazi clan praises: an anthroponymic approach.
Authors: Thwala, Jozi Joseph.
School of Development Studies
Keywords: Anthroponymic approach.;Clan praises.;Implicit and explicit imagery.;Poetic techniques.;Structural analysis.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: IJAHSSS
Abstract: The objectives of this research work are to encapsulate, broadly define and structurally analyze imagery from the extracted clan praises. A specific focus is on metaphor and simile that are dominant in clan praises. Their poetic techniques in words, phrases and clauses need to be displayed. Clan praises comprise the names of prominent ancestors, spatial, temporal, cultural and historical settings, association with animals and plants, physical characteristics of clan members as well as references to other clans. The extracted examples are usually common in the particular clan and static in form. The structural and anthroponymic approaches will support the implicit and explicit imagery for synthesis and comprehension.
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