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Title: Gender differences correlations between logical reasoning and HIV/AIDS knowledge among Moi university students in Eldoret Kenya.
Authors: Mwamwenda, Tuntufye Selemani.
Research Office
Keywords: Logical reasoning.;HIV/AIDS.;University students.;Education transmission.;Gender difference.;Contracting HIV/AIDS.;Research.;Sub-Sahara.
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: The aim of this investigation was to examine Gender Differences Correlations Between Logical Reasoning and HIV/AIDS Knowledge and Awareness among Moi University Students in Eldoret, Kenya. The sample comprised 102 students consisting 51 females and 51 males with mean age of 23 years & a standard deviation of 5. Two instruments were administered to them to assess their logical reasoning and HIV/AIDS knowledge and awareness. The participants were split into two groups, namely females and males on basis of their performance on a logical reasoning comprising ten multiple questions and an HIVAIDS . A Pearson Product-Moment Correlation was used for determining the relationship between the two variables. In addition, a t test was used to assess mean differences between nales and females.The correlation for females was .24; whereas for boys it was .22. Both correlation were rather slightly statistically. In terms t-test mean difference, females had a mean of 9.8 compared to males who scored a mean of 7.8. The meas difference was 4,7 which was significant p<.001 with females having outperformed males. Thus confirming the hypothesis,that education remains the social vaccine in the absence of a cure for HIV/AIDS, which remains the most effective means for combating the enormously dreadful disease in recent human history. It is important therefore, that education be given the highest priority in combating HIV/AIDS; given that it is controllable, manageable and preventable, all of which can be realized through education.
DOI:  10.31838/jcr.07.12.626
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