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Title: Analysis of the alliance of archives, libraries, and museums of South Africa National Parks: Kruger National Park.
Authors: Netshakhuma, Nkholedzeni Sidney.
Records and Archives
Keywords: Alliance.;Archive.;Library and museum.;Education.;Technology.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: SAGE Publishing
Abstract: The research aims to analyse the alliance of archive, library and museum (ALM) at the Kruger National Park with regards to compliance with legislations, ALM’s role in education and the adoption of information and communication technology. A qualitative method was used to collect data. The research found that most of the participants were not aware of the legislations governing ALM in South Africa. ALM was not fully utilised for educational activities to enhance knowledge management; there is a low rate of adoption of information and communication technology as an enabler to provide education. Hopefully, this study will help to formulate research agendas to address societal challenges, such as adopting the policies which will have a positive impact on the implementation of ALM policies.
DOI: 10.1177/0340035220912514
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