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Title: Identifying and exploring possible challenges encountered by local communities regarding the conservation volunteering activities in Kruger National Park.
Authors: Shabalala, Lombuso Precious.
School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Keywords: Local communities.;Conservation.;Kruger National Park.
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: African Sun Media
Abstract: The primary goal of protected areas is biodiversity conservation (Watson, Dudley & Segan, 2014). To reach national and international conservation targets, protected areas are demarcated and maintained throughout the world. The establishment and maintenance of such areas are not without conflict, ranging from buying land for conservation purposes to loss of economic opportunities for food or wood production (McCarthy et al., 2012; Ruslandi & Putz, 2011; Venter, Magrach, Outram, Klein, Marco & Watson, 2018). Protected areas, however, are not just the site of biological diversity – they also have great cultural value and appeal.
DOI: doi.10.52779/9781991201058/11
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