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Title: A model for municipal international relations in South Africa.
Authors: Molepo, Ntshaupe John.
School of Development Studies
Keywords: Municipal international relations.;Local government.
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Adonis-Abbey Publishers
Abstract: Some of the municipalities in South Africa have established relations with other municipalities in different countries. The municipal international relations are made to exchange and share good practice and trade purposes depending on the type of agreement. The economic growth of the cities depends on the investments from outside the country, hence the need for the city to have relations with foreign cities. This study was conducted to assist municipalities in South Africa in international relations with regard to the establishment of relations with cities outside the country and the monitoring of agreements that the city has with other cities. The study also aimed at proposing a model to addressing how international relations in local governance can be enhanced within the South African context. The study employed an interpretivist research paradigm, and qualitative research and its designs. The study adopted interviews as a method of collecting data. Unstructured interviews were used. Non-probability sampling was employed, using purposive sampling. Participants in the study included officials from local governments, experts in international relations, parliamentarians and mayors. Content and thematic analysis regarding international relations and local governance are located in the theories of international relations and local governance. Some of the key findings of the study include lack of capacity (technical and expertise) in the municipality, lack of communication/interaction among spheres of government, lack of monitoring mechanism of agreements, political intrusion in administration, and change of political leadership. The study proposes a model to address problems with regard to municipal international relations in South Africa.
DOI: 10.31920/2056-5658/2021/v8n1a1
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