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Title: Restoring inclusive education: paradigm shift from a medical to a social model among learners with disability.
Authors: Masuku, Mandla Mfundo.
School of Development Studies
Keywords: Disability.;Inclusive education.;Medical model.;Social constructionism.;Social model.
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: KRE Publishers
Abstract: This paper outlines a critical analysis of the paradigm shift from a medical to a social model, using the key concepts impacting on learners with disabilities in a schooling system. The social constructionist perspective and the social model provide a conceptual frame for examining disability and inclusive education. Inclusive education is significant for its multidimensional nature and lack of universal definition. The two main issues concerning scholars and interest groups are the lack of access to learning by learners with disability and the confining nature of disability. Despite the acceptance of inclusive education globally, the evidence in the literature suggests many limitations in broadening access to education for all. The paper found that there is an interplay of various aspects relating to inclusive education, namely the historical context and the education system, the capacity for the implementation of inclusive education, a policy framework, infrastructure and resources coordination, and a culture of inclusive education.
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DOI: 10.31901/24566764.2021/12.3-4.370
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