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Title: Discontinuation of contraceptives among adolescent girls aged 15-19 years in Nigeria: a descriptive analysis.
Authors: Ojoniyi, Olaide Olawumi.
Ogujiuba, Kanayo Kingsley.
Stiegler, Nancy.
University of the Western Cape
School of Development Studies
University of the Western Cape
Keywords: Contraceptives.;Discontinuation.;Adolescents.;Unmarried.;NDHS.
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Makerere University
Abstract: Background: Adolescent girls are the mostly affected with maternal and child complications. Contraceptive use is an important tool in curbing sexual and reproductive health challenges especially among adolescent girls in the developing countries. Despite, the low use of contraceptives among adolescents in Nigeria, the possibility of discontinuation of use after initiation is strong. Objective: This study aims to identify method of contraceptive use discontinued and reasons for discontinuation of contraceptives among unmarried adolescents aged 15-19 years in Nigeria. Method: Data for 324 never married adolescent girls who had ever used a method to prevent pregnancy were drawn from the 2018 Nigerian Demographic and Health Survey. Descriptive statistics and chart were used to present the results. Result: Findings showed that 20% of adolescents who had ever used contraceptive discontinued use in the last five years. Most of single adolescents who reported ever discontinued a contraceptive method are older, have secondary education, resides in Urban areas, were at least 15 years at sexual debut are from richer household. Most reported reasons for discontinuation were Infrequent sex and inconveniencey in use. Conclusion: One in five of unmarried adolescents who ever use a method, discontinue use because of sexual frequency and type of method used.
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