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Title: Determinants of modern contraception among unmarried adolescents in Nigeria: analysis of 2018 Demographic and Health Survey.
Authors: Ojoniyi, Olaide Olawumi.
Ogujiuba, Kanayo Kingsley.
Stiegler, Nancy.
University of the Western Cape
School of Development Studies
University of the Western Cape
Keywords: Modern contraceptives.;Unmarried adolescents.;Intention.;Adolescents.;Nigeria.
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Africa Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sport and Dance (AFAHPER-SD).
Abstract: Adolescence is the most important phase in life. Unfortunately, this age group is the most affected group with the challenge of sexual and reproductive wellbeing. This cross-sectional study examines factors related to contemporary contraceptive behaviour among adolescents in Nigeria. Data of 983 adolescents aged 15 - 19 (mean age: 17.6±1.2 years) who were never married but have previously had sex were extracted from the 2018 Nigerian Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) for analysis. Multinomial logistic regression analysis was undertaken to examine issues associated with modern contraceptive use and intention among the adolescents. Based on the survey data, only 15.8% of sexually active single adolescents in Nigeria used modern contraceptives. About half (49%) of the adolescents who did not use contraceptives plan to do so in the future. Results also indicated that current age [ARR=1.267, CI 1.049-1.529], having at least secondary education [ARR=3.057, CI 1.111-8.405], being from poor households [ARR=4.336, CI 1.357-13.853], having a sexual partner [ARR=3.959, CI 1.913-8.193], multiple sexual partners [ARR=11.661, CI 3.767-36.093] and internet use [ARR=1.852, CI 1.098-3.125] were all positively related to contraceptive use. Health intervention programmes targeted at early education of adolescents about the importance of contraception are warranted.
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