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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Bat species richness and community composition along a mega-transect in the Okavango River Basin.Parker, Daniel M. 
2020Battle of the large carnivores: spatial partitioning in a small, enclosed reserve?Parker, Daniel M. 
2021Bayesian network applications for sustainable holistic water resources management: modeling opportunities for South Africa.O'Brien, Gordon C.
2022Behavioural responses and mortality of Mozambique tilapia Oreochromis mossambicus to three commonly used macadamia plantation pesticides.Mutshekwa, Thendo.  ; Cuthbert, Ross N.  ; Mugwedi, Lutendo .  ; Wasserman, Ryan John.  ; Dondofema, Farai.  ; Dalu, Tatenda. 
2019Botanicals used for cosmetic purposes by Xhosa women in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.Otang-Mbeng, Wilfred. 
2019Bringing objectivity to wildlife management: welfare effects of guardian dogs.Minnie, Liaan.  ; Parker, Daniel M. 
2019Building assessment practice and lessons from the scientific assessment on livestock predation in South Africa.Minnie, Liaan. 
2019Can we save large carnivores without losing large carnivore science?Parker, Daniel M. 
2022Cattle dung in aquatic habitats alters mosquito predatory biocontrol dynamics.Buxton, Mmabaledi.; Cuthbert, Ross N.; Basinyi, Phatsimo Leungo.; Dalu, Tatenda.; Wasserman, Ryan John.; Nyamukondiwa, Casper.
2022Challenges and future directions in the analysis of emerging pollutants in aqueous environments.Tavengwa, Nikita Tawanda.  ; Moyo, Babra.  ; Musarurwa, Herbert.  ; Dalu, Tatenda. 
2019A checklist of ants (Formicidae), spiders (Araneae) and millipedes (Spirostreptida) of the savannah in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.Mwabvu, Tarombera.  ; Yekwayo, Inam. 
2020Chemical composition of wild fallow deer (Dama Dama) meat from South Africa : a preliminary evaluation.Cawthorn, Donna-Maree. 
2020Closing the gaps in disaster management and response: drawing on local experiences with Cyclone Idai in Chimanimani, Zimbabwe.Siyongwana, Pakama Q. 
2021Community structure and environmental factors affecting diatom abundance and diversity in a Mediterranean climate river system.Dalu, Tatenda.; Cuthbert, Ross N.; Weyl, Olaf Lawrence Fredrick.; Wasserman, Ryan John.
2017A comparative case of the implications of various approaches to climate change adaptation in Bangladesh, India, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.Chingombe, Wisemen. 
2021The complete mitogenome of Leptestheria brevirostris Barnard, 1924, a rock pool clam shrimp (Branchiopoda: Spinicaudata) from Central District, Botswana.Dalu, Tatenda.
2017The composition and complexity of the woody and succulent components of Albany thicket with and without elephants.Parker, Daniel M. 
2019Contaminant delineation of a landfill site using electrical resistivity and induced polarization methods in Alice, Eastern Cape, South Africa.Madi, Kakaba. 
2021Contribution of natural forest products to rural livelihoods at Mavunde and Sambandou Villages, Vhembe Biosphere Reserve, South Africa.Dalu, Tatenda.; Dalu, Mwazvita T.B. 
2022Coronas of micro/nano plastics: a key determinant in their risk assessments.Cao, Jiayu.; Yang, Qing.; Jiang, Jie.; Dalu, Tatenda.; Kadushkin, Aliaksei.; Singh, Joginder.; Fakhrullin, Rawil.; Wang, Fangjun.; Cai, Xiaoming.; Li, Ruibin.