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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Community involvement and participation in sustainable development of cultural heritage tourism: a case from South Africa.Shabalala, Lombuso Precious.
2018Drivers of efficiency in hotels in South Africa.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2018Drivers of restaurant efficiency in South Africa : a stochastic frontier approach.Mhlanga, Oswald.
2017Enhancing hospitality students learning outcomes in universities: from an instructional to a learning paradigm.Machingambi, Severino.; Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2018The fast food industry in South Africa: the micro-environment and its influence.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2021Identifying and exploring possible challenges encountered by local communities regarding the conservation volunteering activities in Kruger National Park.Shabalala, Lombuso Precious.
2017Impacts of deregulation on the airline industry in South Africa : a review of the literature.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2018Impacts of the micro environment on airline performances in Southern Africa: management perspectives.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2020The innovation-employment nexus: an analysis of the impact of Airbnb on hotel employment.Mhlanga, Oswald.
2018Liberalisation initiatives of the airline industry in southern Africa: progress achieved and hindrances to implementation.Mhlanga, Oswald. 
2020‘Meal-sharing’ platforms: a boon or bane for restaurants?Mhlanga, Oswald.
2021Value of domestic tourists in travel and tourism industry: Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.Shabalala, Precious Lombuso.