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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Highways to invasion: Powerline servitudes as corridors for alien plant invasions.Dalu, Tatenda.; Stam, Eduard M.; Ligege,Mukondi O.; Cuthbert, Ross N.
2023Identification and delineation of groundwater dependent ecosystems (GDEs) in the Khakea–Bray transboundary aquifer region using geospatial techniques.Rampheri, Mangana Berel.; Dube, Timothy.; Dondofema, Farai.; Dalu, Tatenda.
2023Illegal mining impacts on freshwater Potamonautid crab in a subtropical Austral highland biosphere reserve.Dalu, Tatenda.; Dube, Timothy.; Dondofema, Farai.; Cuthbert, Ross N.
2023Macroinvertebrate diversity in relation to limnochemistry in an Austral semi–arid transboundary aquifer region pan system.Masina, Fannie Mfaniseni.; Wasserman, Ryan John.; Wu, Naicheng.; Mungenge, Chipo P.; Dondofema,Farai.; Keates, Chad.; Shikwambana, Purvance.; Dalu,Tatenda.
2023Metal and non–metal dynamics and distribution in soil profiles across selected pans in the Ramsar declared subtropical within a national protected area.Munyai, Linton F.; Mugwedi, Lutendo.; Wasserman, Ryan John.; Dondofema, Farai.; Riddell, Eddie.; Keates, Chad.; Dalu, Tatenda.
2023Nowhere to go! Microplastic abundances in freshwater fishes living near wastewater plants.Dalu, Tatenda.  ; Themba, Nombuso Nothando.  ; Dondofema, Farai .  ; Cuthbert, Ross N. 
2023Progress in the remote sensing of groundwater-dependent ecosystems in semi-arid environments.Rampheri, Mangana Berel.; Dube, Timothy.; Dondofema, Farai.; Dalu, Tatenda.
2023Salinisation of arid temporary pools alters crustacean hatching success but not phenology dynamics.Mungenge, Chipo P.; Wasserman, Ryan John.; Cuthbert, Ross N.; Dondofema, Farai.; Dalu, Tatenda.
2023Seasonal occurrence of microplastics in sediment of two South African recreational reservoirs.Mutshekwa, Thendo.; Munyai, Linton F.; Mugwedi, Lutendo.; Cuthbert, Ross N.; Dondofema, Farai .; Dalu, Tatenda.
2023Spatial patterns of large African cats: a large-scale study on density, home range size, and home range overlap of lions Panthera leo and leopards Panthera pardus.Nams, Vilis O.; Parker, Daniel M.; Weise, Florian J.; Patterson, Bruce D.; Radloff, Frans G. T.; Vanak, Abi Tamim .; Tumenta, Pricelia N.; Hayward, Matt W.; Swanepoel, Lourens H.; Funston, Paul J.; Bauer, Hans.; Power, R. John.; O’Brien, John.
2023Trenchant microbiological-based approach for the control of striga: Current practices and future prospects.Olowe, Olumayowa Mary.; Akanmu, Akinlolu Olalekan.; Ayangbenro, Ayansina Segun.; Fadiji, Ayomide Emmanuel .; Bitire, Tope Daniel..; Odhiambo, Jude Julius Owuor.; Kutu, Funso Rahael; Babalola, Olubukola Oluranti.
2023Turtle-mediated dispersal of anostracan dormant eggs: Evidence for dominance hierarchy effects.Wasserman, Ryan John.; Dondofema, Farai.; Keates, Chad.; Cuthbert, Ross N.; Dalu, Tatenda.
2023Water and sediment chemistry as drivers of macroinvertebrates and fish assemblages in littoral zones of subtropical reservoirs.Munyai, Linton F.  ; Liphadzi, Thendo.  ; Mutshekwa, Thendo.  ; Mutoti, Mulalo I.  ; Mofu, Lubabalo.  ; Murungweni, Florence M. 
2023Water or sediment? Assessing seasonal microplastic accumulation from wastewater treatment works.Dalu, Tatenda.; Ngomane, Nelisiwe .; Dondofema, Farai.; Cuthbert, Ross N.