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Title: Metal and non–metal dynamics and distribution in soil profiles across selected pans in the Ramsar declared subtropical within a national protected area.
Authors: Munyai, Linton F.
Mugwedi, Lutendo.
Wasserman, Ryan John.
Dondofema, Farai.
Riddell, Eddie.
Keates, Chad.
Dalu, Tatenda.
University of Mpumalanga
University of Venda
Rhodes University
University of Venda
University of KwaZulu–Natal
South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity
University of Mpumalanga
Keywords: Floodplain pans.;Ramsar wetlands.;Metals.;sediment profiles.;Geo-accumulation index.;Enrichment factor.
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Abstract: The study investigated the spatial distributions of selected metals, semi–metals and non–metals within a floodplain pan ecosystem in the Ramsar declared Makuleke Wetlands within the Makuleke Contractual National Park, in the northern Kruger National Park (South Africa), along varying soil depths (0–120 cm) at 20 cm intervals. The study identified significant differences in metal concentrations (i.e. Ca, Mn, Fe) and non–metals (i.e. C, S) across sediment depths. Metal and non–metal concentrations in surface sediments (0–40 cm) were generally high. Compared with the sediment quality guidelines, all measured metals were within the ‘no effect’ level across different sites and depths, except for one site (i.e. Mambvumbvanyi pan). In contrast, enrichment factors showed that K, Ca and Mg were enriched in sediments across all the floodplain pans and depths. Principal component and cluster analyses indicated that various metals originated from different sources. Although a high concentration of metals was found in the topsoil, no potential detrimental effects on the aquatic systems could be observed. Based on the findings, this study provides a baseline overview of sediment metal pollution that can inform effective management of these floodplain wetlands systems.
Description: Published version
DOI: 10.1080/02757540.2023.2269140
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