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2023Assessing chlorophyll–a and water quality dynamics in arid–zone temporary pan systems along a disturbance gradient.Mungenge, Chipo P.; Wassermana, Ryan John.; Dondofema, Farai.; Keates, Chad.; Masina, Fannie Mfaniseni.; Dalu, Tatenda.
2022Food webs.Cuthbert, Ross N.  ; Wasserman, Ryan John.  ; Keates, Chad.  ; Dalu, Tatenda. 
2023Macroinvertebrate diversity in relation to limnochemistry in an Austral semi–arid transboundary aquifer region pan system.Masina, Fannie Mfaniseni.; Wasserman, Ryan John.; Wu, Naicheng.; Mungenge, Chipo P.; Dondofema,Farai.; Keates, Chad.; Shikwambana, Purvance.; Dalu,Tatenda.
2023Metal and non–metal dynamics and distribution in soil profiles across selected pans in the Ramsar declared subtropical within a national protected area.Munyai, Linton F.; Mugwedi, Lutendo.; Wasserman, Ryan John.; Dondofema, Farai.; Riddell, Eddie.; Keates, Chad.; Dalu, Tatenda.
2022Phylogenetic placement of the enigmatic floodplain water snake, Lycodonomorphus obscuriventris FitzSimons, 1964.Keates, Chad.; Conradie, Werner.; Dalu, Tatenda.; Dondofema, Farai.; Riddel, Eddie S.; Wasserman, Ryan John.
2023Turtle-mediated dispersal of anostracan dormant eggs: Evidence for dominance hierarchy effects.Wasserman, Ryan John.; Dondofema, Farai.; Keates, Chad.; Cuthbert, Ross N.; Dalu, Tatenda.