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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Academics’ experiences of a post graduate diploma in higher education (PGDHE) programme: a case of one university in South Africa.Machingambi, Severino.
2023Accelerating environmental flow implementation to bend the curve of global freshwater biodiversity loss.Arthington, Angela H.; Tickner, David.; McClain, Michael E.; Acreman, Mike C.; Anderson, Elizabeth P.; Babu,Suresh.; Dickens, Chris W.S.; Horne, Avril C.; Kaushal, Nitin; Monk, Wendy A.; O’Brien, Gordon C.; Olden, Julian D.; Opperman, Jeffrey J.; Owusu, Afua G.; LeRoy Poff, N.; Richter, Brian D.; Salinas-Rodríguez, Sergio A.; Mbales,Beauty Shamboko.; Tharme, Rebecca E.; Yarnell, Sarah M.
2021Accelerating the implementation of SDG 4: stakeholder perceptions towards initiation of sustainable community engagement projects by higher education institutions.Shabalala, Precious Lombuso.  ; Ngcwangu, Sisa.
2021Access to local agricultural markets and information for subsistence farmers in Clau-Clau Mbombela, South Africa.Agholor, Azikiwe Isaac.
2016Accuracy, relevance and timeliness: does extension practitioners satisfy clients? a case of farmers in Nkonkobe, South Africa.Agholor, Azikiwe Isaac. 
2020Acknowledgements educational psychology : an African update perspective 4th edition.Mwamwenda, Tuntufye Selemani.
2019Adenoviral hepatitis in two Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) hatchlings from South Africa.Pfitzer, Silke.
2017Administering the public service. a critical look at the Nexus between organizational culture and employee professionalism.Kappo-Abidemi, Christiana. 
2020Adolescents in a multiracial democratic South Africa.Mwamwenda, Tuntufye Selemani.
2019The adoption of South Africa’s constitutionally-mandated indigenous languages as languages of learning and teaching (Lolt): a multilingualism approach.Thwala, Jozi Joseph. 
2021The African continental free trade agreement and the future of regional economic communities.Gumede, Vusi. 
2020African freshwater eel species (Anguilla spp.) identification through DNA barcoding.O'Brien, Gordon Craig. 
2020African indigenous contraception: a review.Otang-Mbeng, Wilfred. 
2022African naming system: a case of the Bapedi community in South Africa.Mokgoatšana, Sekgothe.; Mapadimeng, Mokong Simon.
2020African traditional medicine and healing in South Africa: challenges and prospects before and during covid 19.Bhuda, Thulisile Monicca. 
2021Age and growth rate estimations as a basis for assessing the population dynamics of Hydrocynus vittatus Castelnau 1861 in the Sanyati Basin of Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe.Dalu, Tatenda.
2022Agricultural water demand and supply, governance, conservation, and implication for extension services in South Africa: a review.Agholor, Azikiwe Isaac.  ; Gama, Bongiwe.
2020Agriculture policy : challenges, expropriation and implication for agricultural extension in South Africa.Agholor, Azikiwe Isaac.
2023Agroecological techniques: adoption of safe and sustainable agricultural practices among the smallholder farmers in AfricaAkanmu, Akinlolu Olalekan.  ; Akol, Anne Margaret.  ; Ndolo, Dennis Obonyo.  ; Kutu, Funso Raphael.  ; Babalola, Olubukola Oluranti. 
2020Airbnb and hotels : friends, enemies or frenemies?Mhlanga, Oswald.