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School of Early Childhood Education

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Jansen van Vuuren, Eurika
Mahlomaholo, Geoffrey
Masalesa, Metse
Mbusi, Nokwanda
Rademeyer, Vanessa.

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12022The assessment in sustainable remote teaching and learning environments during emergency situations.Mahlomaholo, Geoffrey Sechaba. 
22020Building academic support in preservice teacher education using peer tutors: an educational action research project.Rademeyer, Vanessa. 
32022Creating sustainable early childhood learning environments for emergency situations: the case of Sweden, Kenya and South Africa.Mahlomaholo, Geoffrey Sechaba. 
42022Creating sustainable posthuman adaptive learning environments for pregnant teenagers.Mahlomaholo, Geoffrey Sechaba. 
52019Examining reading and writing approaches used in the teaching of reading and writing abilities in South Africa.Masalesa, Metse Juliet. 
62012An investigation into the use of traditional Xhosa dance to teach mathematics: a case study in a grade 7 class.Mbusi, Nokwanda Princess. 
72021Mapping pre-service teachers’ faulty reasoning in geometric translations to the design of Van Hiele phase-based instruction.Mbusi, Nokwanda Princess. 
82018Meerkat maths – a comprehensive maths learning programme for Grade-R.Jansen van Vuuren, Eurika Naomi. 
92019The process of the development of a toolkit to support pre-service teachers' understanding and presentation of length in mathematics classroom.Mbusi, Nokwanda Princess. 
102021Realising that the out-of-school environment could influence the development of foundation phase learners’ literacy skills.Masalesa, Metse Juliet. 
112021Theory-based early numeracy programme adapted to learners' pre-knowledge: the 'meerkat maths' programme.Jansen van Vuuren, Eurika Naomi. 
122019The use of Van Hiele theory to address BED foundation phase students’ misconceptions in transformation geometry.Mbusi, Nokwanda Princess.