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Lukhele, Themba.
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Themba Lukhele is a very interdisciplinary emerging Scholar who is passionate with Development Studies, particular in relation to areas of Development Planning and Management; Built Environment; Project Management; and Local Economic Development (LED). In 2013 he completed his Honour degree which was focusing on LED, and subsequently in 2015 he completed his Master’s Degree which was oriented in Urban Planning and Human Settlement in the University of Limpopo, respectively. In the process of his Master’s study, he received a Scholarship grant from the National Research Foundation (NRF) _ Freestanding, Innovation and Scarce Skills Masters and Doctoral Scholarships for 2015 (SFH14061168813). While he was still a student, Themba was appointed in several Leadership positions which includes being the Chairperson of South African Development and Environment Students Association; and also serving as a Mentor in the Centre for Academic Excellence in the University of Limpopo, respectively. Upon completing his Master’s Degree, Themba worked as a Students Assistant, and eventually as a Part-Time Junior Lecturer in the Department of Development Planning and Management in the University of Limpopo. In 2017 Themba joined the University of Mpumalanga as an nGap Lecturer _ the Programme of New Generation of Academics development initiated by the Department of Higher Education and Training in South Africa. Through this Programme, Themba received a full scholarship to pursue his Doctoral Study at the Nelson Mandela University. In addition, he also received a grant from the Department of Science and Technology (DST) _ NRF Research Development Grants for New Generation of Academics Programme (nGAP) Scholars 2017 (NGAP_RDG170419227754). While pursuing his Doctoral Studies in the field of Construction Project Management, he also at the same time provide Teaching and Learning, as well as Community Engagement Services. On one hand, he provides Teaching and Learning for modules in relation to LED, Project Management, and Development Planning in the Department of Development Studies in the University of Mpumalanga.
On the other hand, Themba Lukhele is constantly engage with different stakeholders, and has participated in several forums and plenary discussions which include the following:
• Participated and facilitated a panel discussion on Stimulating Rural Economies and Enhancing Spatial Efficiencies through Targeted Densification organized by the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) on the 10th October 2019.
• Contributed inputs and insight in the formulation of the terms of references for the LED Strategy document for the Nkomazi Local Municipality on the 18th September 2019.
• Participated in the Academic Consultation session in the formulation of the National Planning Commission led National Spatial Development Framework on the 12th July 2019.
• Participated in the Academic Advisory Panel on the Road Map for Science Technology and Innovations for Sustainable Human Settlements in South Africa on the 6th May 2019.
• Participated in a Commission discussion on the Future of Work at the BRICK Summit organized by the National Department of Labour on the 7th - 10th May 2018.
• Participated in Plenary meetings and Research activities for an Evaluative Study on Sustainable Livelihoods Development which was commissioned by the Provincial Department of Social Development in Mpumalanga from April to July 2018.
Themba Lukhele is currently a PhD candidate at the Nelson Mandela University in the Faculty of Engineering, the Built Environment and Information Technology in the Department of Construction Management.
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