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Title: “Sausage factory, in and out”: lecturers’ experiences of assessing in an era of massification in a teacher education. institution.
Authors: Ndhlovu, Busisiwe.
School of Early Childhood Education
Keywords: Massification.;Assessments.;Large classes.;Teacher education.;Higher education.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Abstract: The massification of higher education in South Africa has been a social justice goal and a significant milestone, given the history of the country. Massification, though, has brought challenges to the higher education sector, one of them being increasing class sizes. In this paper, we explore the experiences of lecturers in conducting assessment in a teacher education institution. We used a case study methodology, and conversations as a method of generating data—with purposive selection of five lecturers from various disciplines as the sample. For the theoretical framework, we drew on the work of two scholars: Kolb (1984) on experiential learning and Pinar’s (2004) method of currere. We found that the lecturers understood the purpose of mass higher education, however, the large class sizes have influenced their assessment practices. Beyond the challenges of massification, lecturers invoked their experiences to reflect, learn, and imagine possibilities. There are possibilities for teacher education institutions to enact sustainable assessment and to navigate massification. There is also a need for further research, particularly in teacher education institutions, to theorise large classes in relation to various aspects of teacher education programmes.
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DOI: 10.17159/2221-4070/2020/v7i0a3
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