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Title: Teaching reading in home language at foundation phase: an analysis of contextual issues.
Authors: Masalesa, Dr Metse Juliet.
School of Early Childhood Education
Keywords: Foundation phase.;Reading.;Language of learning.;Teaching.;Sepedi as home language.
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: This study analysed the contextual issues that are an integral part in the teaching of reading in Sepedi (HL) in Mpumalanga Province. Bronfenbrenner’s social ecological systems theory underpinned this study. An ethnographic case study design that is an interpretive paradigm was used. Four schools (A, B, C & D) were sampled in the study and in each of these; two teachers were purposively selected as participants. Individual interviews, classroom observations and document analysis, were used to collect relevant data. This was analysed thematically. The process involved data organisation, coding and categorising it into different themes as directed by the study. The major findings were that there is lack of clear policies on the teaching of reading in home languages like Sepedi. Furthermore, there is an indisputable shortage of Sepedi reading materials in schools and this affects the development of a reading culture in learners amongst other issues. Poor parental involvement also seemed to be another impediment to anticipated learning outcomes. This article therefore argues that the development of policies, which are specific on the teaching of home languages like Sepedi, should be prioritised. In addition, the government and other relevant stakeholders must continuously thrive to ensure the provision of adequate reading materials in schools. Above all, schools must create least restrictive environments that encourage active participation of parents in the entire teaching and learning process.
DOI: 10.21506/j.ponte.2021.2.8
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