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Title: Animal protein sources as a substitute for fishmeal in aquaculture diets: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Authors: O'Brien, Gordon Craig.
School of Biology and Environmental Sciences
Keywords: Aquaculture.;Animal protein sources.;Fishmeal.;Feeds.
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Mdpi
Abstract: Fishmeal is the main source of dietary protein for most commercially farmed fish species. However, fishmeal prices have been raised even further because of competition with domestic animals, shortage in world fishmeal supply, and increased demand. Increased fishmeal prices have contributed to the quest for alternatives necessary to replace fishmeal as a global research priority. A literature search was conducted using these terms on Google Scholar and EBSCOhost; fishmeal replacement in fish feeds, fishmeal alternatives in fish feeds, animal protein sources in aquaculture, insects in fish feeds, terrestrial by-products, and fishery by-products. To calculate the variation between experiments, a random effect model was used. Results indicated that different fish species, sizes, and inclusion levels were used in the various studies and showed that the use of insects, terrestrial by-products, and fishery by-products has some limitations. Despite these drawbacks, the use of animal protein sources as a replacement for fishmeal in fish diets has had a positive impact on the feed conversion ratio, variable growth rate, final weight, and survival rate of different types of fish species of different size groups. Findings also showed that some animal by-products had not been assessed as a protein source in aquaculture or animal feeds, and future studies are recommended.
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DOI: 10.3390/app11093854
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