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Title: Information Communication Technology as a tool for agricultural transformation and development in South Africa. A review.
Authors: Nkambule, Tapelo Blessing.
Agholor, Azikiwe Isaac.
School of Agricultural Sciences
School of Agricultural Sciences
Keywords: Information communication technology.;Technology.;Agriculture transformation.;Farmers.;Data base.;Adoption.
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry (TOJQI)
Abstract: The convergence of IT and ICT has created new ways of communication and information sharing globally, despite the inherent geographical limitations. ICT for development is informed by the belief that development, progress, growth, and globalisation can be achieved using technology for greater advantage. The study addressed the following research questions: i. what are the roles ICT in agriculture and rural development in South Africa? ii. Are there access and challenges to the use of ICT in South Africa? To answer these research questions, the study adopted a coordinated pattern of reporting approach normally employed in systematic review. Numerous research data bases were explored-ProQuest, Science Direct, Web of science, and Google Scholar to carry out a detailed literature search on information communication technology as a tool for agricultural transformation and development in South Africa. One hundred and fifty-two materials-journals, books, grey literature, conference proceedings, government reports, government gazettes, and university repositories were retrieved, screened for title, abstract, and full text using search terminologies such as: roles of ICT and agriculture, rural development, and challenges of ICT. Furthermore, manual search for published grey literatures were also undertaken. The articles that are in consonant with the authors criteria were shortlisted and independently separated, evaluated, and assessed by each author. The findings indicated inadequate access to ICTas the main challenge for farmers. While still acknowledging the benefits of the adoptionof ICT, the task for the agricultural sector is to find an approach that will allow smallholder farmers access to the opportunities provided by digitalisation in agricultural sector.
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