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Title: Information Communication Technology: perception and adoption of drought resilience strategy for producers in Driekoppies, South Africa.
Authors: Agholor, Azikiwe Isaac.
Ogujiuba, Kanayo.
School of Agricultural Sciences
School of Development Studies
Keywords: Perception.;Adoption.;Resilience.;Information.;Communication.;Technology.;Strategy.;Drought.;Sugar cane.;South Africa.
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: The study explored the exigencies, perception and adoption of the use of ICT as a resilience strategy for drought and weather related events. Data was collected from selected farmers using structured and semi-structured questionnaires, focus group discussion, key informant interview, field observations, and household questionnaire survey. The data was analysed by employing descriptive and inferential statistics using (SPSS) version 26. Finding reveal that ICT has positive impact on sugar cane yield (x = 2.91) and there are multiple advantages associated with use of ICT for accessing agricultural information (x = 3.59). Furthermore, illiteracy level was perceived by farmers as a factor influencing their use and application of ICT in farming (x = 2.72). Although farmers agreed that ICT facilitate timely access to information (x =2.75), but on the contrary, they were doubtful about the reliability of such information (x = 2.74). Furthermore, logistic regression analysis indicated that there were five variables (AGE, LOE, FRMS, FARME and AICT) found to have positive and significant influence on the adoption of ICT by sugar cane farmers. The study conclude that medium and long-term action must be put in place to ameliorate the vulnerability of sugar cane farmers. Additionally, a comprehensive needs-directed policy approach aimed at improving the resilience of the farmers should be accentuated by government of South Africa.
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