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Title: Delineation and dimension of deforestation.
Authors: Agholor, Azikiwe Isaac.
Sithole, Moses Zakhele.
School of Agricultural Sciences
School of Agricultural Sciences
Keywords: Deforestation;Biodiversity.;Water cycle.;Soil erosion.;Air quality.;Flooding and natural habitats.;Climate change and human health.;Rationale for deforestation.
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Intechopen
Abstract: Deforestation is induced by human activities, cascading into associated cost and economic benefits. The concepts, dimensions and, deforestation caused by deliberate human activities were extensively examined. The chapter also highlighted the ratio- nale for deforestation, environmental dimension to deforestation and contributions of forestry and forest by products to livelihoods. The segmented cases and experi- ences to create awareness on the need to discourage deforestation were explored. While recognizing that forest provides useful support for majority of rural dwellers, the justification for forest protection is advocated. Some communities depend on forests for their main livelihood, and use medicinal therapies derived from indige- nous plants found in the forest. Forest remains an important pool of biodiversity and deforestation must be avoided. The chapter conclude that awareness of the impact of deforestation by the citizenry should be encouraged and supported by policies.
DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.98290
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