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Title: Women's educational leadership experiences: career advancement at the district level.
Authors: Kutu, Mercy O.
School of Early Childhood Education
Keywords: Career advancement.;Educational leadership.;Gender.;Society.;Organisations.;Women in leadership.;Women's career advancement.
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: African Journals Online
Abstract: This study formed part of the study that examined the experiences of women in educational leadership roles at the district office level in North West Province, South Africa. The goal of the study was to create a model for enhancing women's career advancement into educational leadership. This study revealed that women are sometimes faced with hindrances, but it showed that through women's different values, societal and organisational supports, women’s participation in educational leadership could be enhanced. The study provided approaches for achieving and maintaining educational leadership roles using ISOLead Model. The model identified individual, societal, and organizational dimensions as enablers and contributors to women's participation. It recommended that individual's sense of participation and ability to exemplify, societal support, especially friends and family, and positive stereotype are important. Mentoring, support and acceptance of women's leadership; making appointments based on merit and less political interference are also suggested as key for improving women’s participation.
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