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Title: Geological and geophysical assessment of groundwater contamination at the Roundhill landfill site, Berlin, Eastern Cape, South Africa.
Authors: Madi, Kakaba.
School of Agricultural Sciences
Keywords: Environmental science.;Geology.;Geophysics.;Earth sciences.;Hydrology.;Geochemistry.;Environmental assessment.;Environmental pollution.;Contaminants.;Eastern Cape.;Landfill.;Leachate.;Electrical resistivity.;Chemical analysis.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Science Direct
Abstract: An integrated geological assessment of groundwater contamination was carried out to determine the nature of the subsurface as well as establish linkages between groundwater and contaminants in the vicinity of the Roundhill landfill, South Africa. Quantitative analysis involved measurement of physico-chemical properties of groundwater samples from two boreholes and a leachate pond within the landfill. Qualitative assessment involved combined measurements of electrical resistivity and time domain induced polarization (IP) across three profiles, using the double-dipole array. The physico-chemical analysis results show the presence of heavy metals (i.e.mercury, lead and arsenic) in groundwater samples in concentrations above the general acceptable limits. Perhaps, the high concentration of these metals could be due to the dumping of toxic and hazardous waste substances on the landfill, contrary to the landfill design and classification. Resistivity and IP pseudo-sections revealed a 4-layered earth structure and anomalous zones of resistivity ( 112 Ω-m) and low chargeability ( 1.25 ms) in the top layers. This is indicative of percolating leachate plume in the unsaturated zone. Despite the fact that layer lithologies and stratigraphy pose low risk to groundwater contamination, structural controls such as fractures in the bedrock are favourably disposed to the percolation of contaminants into the groundwater over time. Proper waste classification and inspection should be carried out on the landfill prior to waste disposal.
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DOI: 10.1016/j.heliyon.2020.e04249
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