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2023Agroecological techniques: adoption of safe and sustainable agricultural practices among the smallholder farmers in AfricaAkanmu, Akinlolu Olalekan.  ; Akol, Anne Margaret.  ; Ndolo, Dennis Obonyo.  ; Kutu, Funso Raphael.  ; Babalola, Olubukola Oluranti. 
2022The application of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria in Solanum lycopersicum production in the agricultural system: a review.Adedayo, Afeez Adesina.; Babalola, Olubukola Oluranti.; Prigent-Combaret, Claire.; Cruz, Cristina.; Stefan, Marius.; Kutu, Funso Raphael.; Glick, Bernard R.
2021Bioavailability and health risk assessment of potentially toxic elements in popcorn kernel from sandy loam Ferric Luvisol amended with municipal solid waste compost.Dada, Oyeyemi Adigun.; Kutu, Funso Raphael.
2023Comparative insights into the microbial diversity and community structure of striga hermonthica-infested maize rhizosphere.Olowe, Olumayowa Mary.; Ayangbenro, Ayansina Segun.; Akanmu, Akinlolu Olalekan.; Kutu, Funso Raphael.; Odhiambo, Jude Julius Owuor.; Babalola, Olubukola Oluranti.
2022Harnessing the rhizosphere soil microbiome of organically amended soil for plant productivity.Ayangbenro, Ayansina Segun.; Chukwuneme, Chinenyenwa Fortune.; Ayilara, Modupe Stella.; Kutu, Funso Raphael.; Khantsi, Motlagomang.; Adeleke, Bartholomew Saanu.; Glick, Bernard R.; Babalola, Olubukola Olurant.
2022Heat stress, varietal difference, and soil amendment influence on maize grain mineral concentrations †.Chukwudi, Uchechukwu Paschal.; Mavengahama, Sydney.; Kutu, Funso Raphael.; Motsei, Lebogang Ezra.
2023Impact of commercial organic ameliorants on nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations of maize biomass at ninth leaf and silking growth stages.Baloyi, Tlangelani Cedric.; Kutu, Funso Raphael.; du Preez, Christiaan Cornelius.
2023Is the use of commercial organic ameliorants for cropping justified?Baloyi, T C.; Kutu, Funso Raphael.; du Preez, C C.
2022Optimizing application rate of winery solid waste compost for improving the performance of maize (ZEA MAYS L.) grown on Luvisol and Cambisol.Masowa, Manare Maxson.; Kutu, Funso Raphael.; Babalola, Olubukola Oluranti.; Mulidzi, Azwimbavhi Reckson.
2022Relationships between grain weight and other yield component traits of maize varieties exposed to heat-stress and combined heat- and water-stress conditions.Chukwudi, Uchechukwu Paschal.; Mavengahama, Sydney.; Kutu, Funso Raphael.
2022Rhus coriaria L. (Sumac), a versatile and resourceful food spice with cornucopia of polyphenols.Batiha, Gaber El-Saber.; Ogunyemi, Oludare Michael.; Shaheen, Hazem Mohammed.; Kutu, Funso Raphael.; Olaiya, Charles Openiyi.; Sabatier, Jean-Marc.; De Waard, Michel.
2022Variation in maize grain yield indices when exposed to combined heat and water stress conditions under different soil amendments.Chukwudi, Uchechukwu Paschal.; Mavengahama, Sydney.; Kutu, Funso Raphael.